Art, VFX, and the Military


As it becomes increasingly possible to achieve photorealism with VFX tools and techniques, both in video and still imagery, and even in sound, it is interesting to  consider how techniques typically used in a commercial Hollywood or art making environment may be implemented by a military force/nation. Two artists whose work approaches this question are Oliver Laric and Jakob Boeskov.

In his video, Versions, 2009 Laric begins by looking at a doctored image released by the Iranian government, where it has been made to seem as if all missiles successfully launched when they in fact did not. He also discusses the following response online, which was the creation of many parody images by people all over the world.

For his project Face Jagger, Jakob Boeskov manned a booth at a security fair in California, presenting his project as an actually cyber security company. The project he presented at the fair was meant to allow government agents to impersonate terrorists by using 3D printing technology. One of the uses for this security tool given as an example in Boeskov’s advertising material is the ability to create incriminating videos of a terrorist with a body double and printed mask. He also claims this tool to be a pre crime measure.